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Ear Distortion after Facelift

  • Can be done as isolated 30 min procedure under local anesthesia.
  • Usually repaired with facelift revision.
  • Local or sedation with Anesthesiologist.
  • Does not add time to the facelift revision.
  • No dressing.
  • Sutures removed in 7 days.
  • Normal exercise, swimming, yoga 3 weeks.

Before & After Patient Photos

Unfortunately, one of the most common results of an amateurish facelift procedure is distortion of the ear. Because facelift incisions are made around and in the ear, care is required to avoid distortion of any portion of the ear or the sideburn or hairline around the ear.

When ear distortion after facelift surgery has occurred, it is often possible to improve the situation. If the earlobe is pulled down, for example, with a visible scar around it (so-called pixie ear), the cheek can often be pulled up under the lobe to correct the appearance.


Dr. Charles Thorne has guided me, consulted me on what can be done to correct my concerns, and was so honest with me about everything. He held my hand where [my first] surgeon and his team should have.

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