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Earlobe Shortening

  • Local anesthesia
  • 20 minutes per ear
  • No dressing
  • Sutures removed in 7 days
Before earlobe shortening procedure
After earlobe shortening

Some patients are unhappy with the length of their earlobes. This can occur in young patients but is even more common in older patients whose earlobes have elongated with aging. A simple earlobe shortening procedure can be performed under local anesthesia to reduce and reshape the earlobe so that it has a more attractive and, in many cases, more youthful appearance. When the earlobes are shortened it is often necessary to move the site of ear piercing to a higher position so that it looks appropriate in the new lobe.

Some patients have elongated earring holes or holes that have completely torn through the earlobe. These elongated or torn ear piercings can be repaired and the ears re-pierced several months later.

Some earlobes are the correct length and shape but have deflated with age. Injecting filler material and/or fat into the earlobe can often make a wrinkled, deflated ear appear more youthful. 

Earlobe shortening is often performed as an isolated procedure but can also be performed at the time of an otoplasty procedure or at the time of a facelift procedure. Dr. Thorne offers a range of ear rejuvenation techniques which can improve the overall appearance of your ears.


Dr. Charles Thorne has guided me, consulted me on what can be done to correct my concerns, and was so honest with me about everything. He held my hand where [my first] surgeon and his team should have.

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